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Now that you have finished your 200-hour yoga teacher training, you may wonder what’s next...  You’ve benefited from deepening your own practice and learning a lot about improving physical strength, body awareness, stress reduction, and the business side of being a yoga teacher. But you may find it hard to get a regular teaching position due to the number of other teachers with 200 hours of training in your area. Or you may wish to specialize your classes to focus on a specific population or type of yoga.


We offer a 300-hour Teacher Training that will give you a 500RYT Yoga Alliance certification and help you take your practice and teaching to a more advanced level, it might even inspire you to open up your own studio! If this is something you could be interested in message us and we will help you through the process! 

What is the difference between 200-hour training and 300-hour training?


The 300-hour training program is an advanced study that is done after getting your 200-hour yoga teacher training. It is the second piece towards getting a 500RYT certification from Yoga Alliance. Some studios and training centers do offer a full 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training as one course, but here we offer the 300 hours as continuing education after your 200-hour training.

During your 200-hour training, you’ve learned yoga poses, asanas, pranayama, and how to teach students safely to your students. In the additional 300 hours, you will deepen your understanding of how to work individually with your yoga students and learn better how to modify the poses and adjust your practice to the unique needs of their bodies, guide private classes & workshops. We will get deeper into traditions, anatomy, spiritual energy, and the power of the mind while strengthening our meditation. You will learn more about how to work with different populations such as seniors, pregnant women, and people with injuries or common medical conditions like arthritis, back pain, knee pain, and more. With the additional practice, education, and training provided, you’ll develop the functional skills needed to use yoga as a therapeutic modality and gain greater confidence in working with your students.

You have full control over how long you want to take to complete this course. We advise that you do each module separately and give yourself time to master the teaching of each style, every month ( or more ) focusing on a different module. 

We offer many different packages for our 300hrs TT. 

WEEKENDS ONLY: This program can be perfect for people living in Florence and who can only commit to a spread out teacher training as we meet only on weekends

( Friday, Saturday & Sunday )

ONLINE: Here you can start & end the training whenever you want. As it is online, it will be more hours as we need to secure that you absorb all aspects of this training as if you were here with us in person! 

INTENSIVE: We also do this program in 4 weeks made for our travelers who want to come to Florence for a short time get there training and potentially add up to the 500 hours & continue their travels. 

Yoga Class

300 ore TT

Ti interessa completare la tua formazione per insegnanti di 300 ore con Yoga Alliance?

Ecco come funziona, abbiamo suddiviso le 300 ore in sei diversi moduli che troverai di seguito.


Ovviamente puoi decidere di completare questa formazione in un mese intensivo o solo nei fine settimana qui a Firenze. Contattaci per maggiori informazioni su quando e come.

Yoga Class

Prenditi il tuo tempo!

Non c'è bisogno di precipitarsi nel tuo TT di 300 ore. Offriamo un nuovo modulo ogni mese che ti dà la possibilità di finire il tuo TT in sei mesi o prendendoti il tuo tempo e dividendo i corsi come desideri in un paio di anni.

Ogni modulo è unico e ti lascia l'opportunità di avere un curriculum a tutto tondo in grado di guidare molti stili diversi di classi!

50 ore di Yin Yoga

50 ore di Advanced Power Yoga

Sequenza di Chakra Yoga di 50 ore

E meditazione

50 ore Kundalini e Tantra Yoga

50 ore di Mandala Yoga

Formazione degli insegnanti

50 ore di yoga prenatale

Formazione degli insegnanti

Sentitevi liberi di inviare un messaggio o un'e-mail a Etta per riflettere su quale formazione potrebbe essere la migliore per voi o mettere insieme la vostra formazione ideale studiando una variazione di cose che vi interessano.

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